Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going camping.

I have been dashing around like a mad woman tyring to get ready to go camping. I felt sickish yesterday and got nothing done. My husband, son, two step sons, and our dog will be going. Two seven year old and a four year old. They make me laugh and want to pull my hair out. We camp in tents so there is soooo much stuff to take. I always take too much food. We are such pigs when we camp. lol I just hope our two seven year old stop fighting or this is not going to be much fun. Having a blended family is so crazy!! It is never boring. I hope to post some cool pictures when I get back.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Vintage tag set

I made a cool tag set this morning. It took alot of work but I love the way it turned out. If it sells I will have to make some more. I hope it sells. I have not sold anything in a while. Im thinking the reason is ETSYS bugs. Every thing seems to be going smoothly now thu. I just really need a sell for my moral boost.

My Toad!

I took my pac man toad outside yesterday. I thought I would take some pics of hims.

Isn't he cute! He eats baby rats. Gross huh? I HATE feeding him. I buy them frozen. So its not to bad.

Monday, June 18, 2007

pictures of my studio

Ok....its not much now but I WILL fix it up this summer by God!!! I want to paint the walls, add trim, add a ceiling fan, and some lighting. My work table is a door on top of an old desk and cabinet. I plan to refinish those. I love my antique library card holders you see on both sides of the table. One holds tools and paint the other ribbon and glue. The old window frame has chicken wire on it. I hang some of my creations there before they sell. My DH brought home alot of the things I use for storage. Hes such a sweety. Its not pretty yet but it has everything I need, including GREAT light.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

ETSY treasury and THE perfect summer day

I am in a Treasury at ETSY! Yay!!

Today was the perfect summer day:
sound of Children playing
Oreo cake
scrabble games
chocolate Popsicles under the gazebo
kids in the sand box
fried green beans
attentive DH
cook out
fetch with dog

What more could a gal want????

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Close up of little boy and pets

New shrine

I created a shrine I just love, love, love, today. I thought about keeping it! lol I just love the little boy in the picture. My grandma found it in her closet. She doesn't know who it is. I think it is cool he could have been part of my family. He reminds me of me. He seems to be collecting pets. The clock I used for it also came from my grandmother. I will have to ask where she got it. I hope just the right person finds it. It needs a special home.

Monday, June 11, 2007


We had a really busy weekend. But, I managed to create a few things. I have started making embellishments, not just tags. Its alot of fun. I went to the huge used book fair we have here. I got some good stuff. they were selling VERY old books for .25. Yap that's right a quarter. I think they will be great for collages. I got some french books too. I found some great nature and zoology books. We had to wait in line over 2hrs tho. That kinda sucked. I had my son with me and he did great. I also have some awesome antique photos to work with thanks to my grandma. So look for new stuff in my store soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

I finally have pictures of my Mississippi Kite!!!!!

I have been obsessed with some large birds of prey that moved into our area for a few years now. We live in the middle of town so it was usual to see birds like that. Well, I never got close enough to see what kind they were till this year. They are Missasssippi Kites. They made a nest across the ally. So this mourning I looked out and one was perched so close to my yard I had to get pictures. So I went running out with my camera in my underwear. But, I got some good pictures. lol

Monday, June 4, 2007

Busy busy day

I was so busy today. I reorganized my studio. Went to 2 grocery stores. Went to target. And waited in line at the post office. Then I cooked an awesome chinese dinner. And finally I made a small wax collage. Phew. What a day. And I didnt even inclued the small stuff like dishes,laundry,and kido.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

1st Bees wax Collage

I just finished my collage "Joyful Soul". I LOVE IT! It was so fun to make. The wax is awesome. I love every thing about it. I'm still shocked that I am a artist. Who would have thuk it. It frees me, moves me, and feels me with serenity. I will never be able to go back to a person who does not create. It seems to feel a hole I have always had. I really love it when other ppl are moved by my work. That is the real joy. To invoke a feeling or mood of a person what ever that might be. Emotion is what makes us human and connected to each other.
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