Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Evolving Studio

I feel like my studio is a work of art in a way. I'm always redoing it and trying to improve it. My goal is to make it function smoothly and inspire me. And find ways to hold all the junk I bring home. I found those fabulous aqua tins at Michael's for a $ 1.00! I filled them with millinery and glued a piece of whats inside to each label. I made the large pin cushion using a canister, linen napkin, and some pillow stuffing. The shelf holding the antique photos was made from salvaged trim. Doesn't my nest banner from Madia look so pretty tarnished?! And Millie has a new spot by the window. I also got an air conditioner for my studio. Finally! Whoo Hoo! Thank you all for your sweet comments and always coming by! It means a lot to me.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

102 In the Shade!

Its too hot to do anything but read my favorite magazine, eat lemonberry cupcakes, and drink cool pink lemonaid. Yes I drink from a mason jar! Its a southern thing. Hope y'all are staying cool!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Show In Tell Sunday VINTAGE PAPER

I'm so excited! This is my favorite show and tell. I adore old paper and books! I have tons of it! I organized my studio yesterday. It took the whole day. But, I found some new ways to display my paper. I will be adding some really great paper packs to my shop soon. I just have too much to keep. If you would like check out some other paper lovers go here to Cerri's Blog. Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends Help You Blossom

I picked this gorgeous lily blossom from my pond today. Have you ever smelled the delicate fragrance of a lily. Oh it is heaven! I just know if there really is water fairies that is how they would smell. Daydreaming of fairies made me think of my sweet friend Madai. She just has a fairyland feeling to her. Recently she sent me a package. Everything she sends is so pretty, magical, and smells so good! Madai and other Friends have really helped me blossom into the artist and person I am today. I would just like to say thank you to all of you!

These are some of the wonderful things Madai sent. See what I mean about her having a fairyland feeling?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Magic....That seems to have happened to me today. Which I think is very appropriate since my slogan is "Make Everyday Magic". Well everyday has not been magic lately. I am working on a HUGE wholesale order, in the process of redoing my shop, getting over the stomach bug thing, and all the other everyday stuff that gets in the way of making everyday count. This afternoon I sooo wanted to go outside. The wind was whipping around, a large thunderhead was growing in the distance, and I could smell rain. I sooo love thunderstorms and the smell of rain. Its one of my very favorite "magic" things. But, this chic had WAY to much work to do. So I just thought "I will multi task!" I took all kinds of treasures from my studio and went outside to take a few pictures for my blog.

What started out as just a few fun pictures turned into so much more. Now I LOVE making art, and putting together kits to sell. I feel blessed to do what I love everyday. But this feeling was different. As I began taking pictures a wonderful feeling came over me. I just really don't know how to describe it to you. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the perfect light. But , I felt as if I was really telling a story with these pictures. I felt connected to these century old items. I could almost feel the many people who had owned them before. Old ,worn, tattered, and loved. Things that connect us to the past. I think you will be seeing more pictures of those lovely things from the past taken by me.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Summer Bug

And its not the six legged kind. Unfortunately my family has come down with a nasty stomach thing. And it could not come at a more inconvenient time! I also learned a valuable lesson. DO NOT give a red drink to a kiddo with an upset tummy. It can be detrimental to your carpet. Oh well! I thought I would show you a picture of some millinery flowers I have been creating. You will see them in my shop soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful (bug free)weekend!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just a Few Projects

I have been searching and searching for something with lots and lots of drawers to hold all my favorite supplies. Well I was looking for something BIG but came across this little chest for only ten dollars. I almost didn't get it but I am so glad that I did. I think it turned out so cute! And it holds.....oh....maybe a forth of all my buttons. Yes, I have a button problem. he he.

Yesterday was dye day here. And I don't mean my hair. I dye and age almost EVERYTHING. It saves me time to pick a hot, calm day and do it all at once outside. I have a vintage rose print that I used as inspiration to dye ribbon. I just love how they look next to the print! I'm going to have a hard time using them now!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Simple Life

The last two weeks or so have been a whirlwind of purging, cleaning, and nesting for me. Like most artist, creators, and nesters once this urge has set in nothing will stop it. I have just been craving simpler surroundings and a simpler life. I have dug through closets, drawers, and boxes. If I don't LOVE it, it must go! To my delight a very good friend of mine, and perhaps the most generous soul on Earth, was doing the same thing! She offered me some wonderful vintage and antique supplies. I was so sweetly surprised! And her taste is so much like that I of course love it all. I took the things she gave me, treasures I had found during my cleaning frenzy and sprinkled them through my home. What an amazing difference surrounding yourself with only things you love can make. Its like a breeze of fresh air. Enjoy your life and MAKE IT SIMPLE!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Got Junk?

Do to closing my booth I had a lot of left over.....well...junk! But its the GOOD kind of junk. So what to do with all that stuff. It could not go in my studio which was WAY to full. No room in the storage shed. It was full of camping stuff . Hmmm. I ended fitting a lot of it on my porch. I'm so pleased how it turned out! See those pillars? They came from my parents porch. There is also an old rusty mop bucket, shutters, vintage metal cooler, a little red wagon, bird cage, and even plates. So before you toss out all that wonderful junk see if you can reuse it!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Feathered Friends

Meet Buttercup, Buttons, LuLu, and Lacy! They are Bantams or mini chickens. They are supposed to be either Frizzles or Silkys. I am amazed at how smart they are! They know their names.
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