Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cherish-A Mini Chipboard Album

Thank you for your comments on my last post. Following this years theme: Broaden, I have
started a new crafty adventure by making and selling mini books and scrapbook pages. I do consider myself a paper crafter, I almost have all the scrapbook tools known to man yet in the past I had some kind of hang up when it came to traditional scrapbooking. I finally got over my hang-up and created some.  I even made my first You Tube video! This is a pocket, hidden hinge, chipboard mini album.
Its completely made from hand and stitched. I really had a lot of fun putting it together. It took me forever! I believe the paper I used was My Minds Eye.   The book is available  on Ebay.  I also have two layouts and another mini album available. I will show you those in another post. Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello 2014!

Can you really believe its 2014? I've had this blog since 2007. I only had 17 post last year. Yikes. I can't image anyone is still reading it. I also have never put much "personal" stuff on my blog or online anywhere really. I have 50 excuses like what if the ex, in-laws,or my parents read it? What if people think I'm dumb or a dork? What if someone uses the info and steals my children? But what it really is is fear. Fear of putting myself out there. Fear of what people will think. Well I have noticed a trend among the crafty, DIYers, Moms, and women lately. We are getting REAL. We are posting photos of our chaotic messy house, the project that was a fail, our pouting children, our no makeup yes still in pjs self. We are writing about our pains, failures, feelings, weight gains, and the truth. And I think its...beautiful and brave. My word for the year 2014 is BROADEN. I want will broaden my world, my experiences, my heart, my soul. It WILL be super scary but I'm ready for that.
I will start out by telling you last year was hard. Really hard. My business Brandywine Designs seem to fall off the planet. No matter how hard I tried the income just wasn't coming in. My husband is a contractor and got a year long "job from hell everything went wrong"  job so he was stressed for 1 whole year. My son became a teen (enough said). That's just some of it. The most depressing part was I almost got a divorcĂ©. But through counseling and a few amazing books and people we are happier than we have ever been together. One of those people was Alisa Bowman. She has a book and blog Happily Ever After. Let me tell you people she is REAL. She puts it ALL out there. And she is super nice too. 
I'm still going to have a "crafty" blog.  I am BROADENING my crafty, art side too.  My goal is to blog at least once a week. I have a lot to share and I don't plan on holding back.
If your still reading this...thank you! And to all any of the wonderful people that have stuck with my blog over the years THANK YOU! 
p.s. I'm mostly social network on Instagram. You can find me here  http://instagram.com/lavenderwolf7
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