Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Make Everyday Magic

Make everyday magic is the slogan of my ETSY shop and how I try to live. Today I really felt that. I had one of my "really good" art days. Ideas just came pouring out. I am falling in love with banners, garlands, and hangy things. Most of the time you would see these types of things at parties or special events. I like to make them for your every day life. I would hope someone would put them up in there home and be reminded how special everyday can be, not just for certain occasions. I really love making banners for new babies of friends and family. So I hope you look for a little magic in your day today!


Lori said...

Brandy, i saw these on flickr yesterday and i just LOVE them, they are so sweet and yes!!! wonderful for EVERY day!!!

Kerry and Rachel said...

I love your motto. Words to live by...as well as a cute advertising slogan.

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