Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birdy it's COOOLD outside!

I just can't believe all the snow we have gotten this winter. For some reason the birds get hyper when its cold and icy. Today I made myself be still by the windows so I could get a few pics of my feathered friends. They are just soooo cute when they are all puffed up!

Some shop news:
I have not been listing new items in the last few days and will not list any for awhile. I have been hard at work making new things and cleaning my house. lol So stay tuned for some great new items.


Lori said...

hi Brandy:) your birds are SO cute! out weather was actually a little warmer today...could spring be on the way finally...oh that's right, we have a winter storm warning for tomorrow:(

Sparroweye said...

I see more birds when its very cold. This winter was so warm in Florida.
I did not see any Cedar Waxwings or warblers. My flower bed is starting to bloom way to soon. I had to cover up the plants last week.

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