Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mercury Glass Ornament

Clear glass ornament
Black spray paint
Hot glue gun
Assorted ribbons and embellishments
Self adhesive gems
Adirondack Alcohol Ink Mixatives

Adirondack Alcohol Inks (dark colors are best)

It’s only seven weeks until Christmas! Can you believe it? I really love aged and worn mercury glass. I like to scatter it throughout my home for the holidays. Unfortunately the real stuff in expensive and hard to find. So I found a way to make my own. You could use this technique for any glass surface: candle holders, frames, vases, and plates. I think it would make a great gift too.
1. Take off top of ornament. Using black spray paint gently make several short sprays into ornament.(best to do outside) Twist, turn, and shake ornament to move paint around in swirl patterns before it dries. You do not have to cover the whole inside. Irregular splotches are good. Let dry. This does not take long.

2. Stick a pencil, paint brush, or other object into ornament to have something to hold onto. Drop small dots of the Alcohol ink onto felt pad on ink applicator. Just use a random pattern using two darker colors of alcohol ink. Add a small amount of Alcohol ink blender.

3.Dab applicator onto ornament until you get the coverage you want. Let dry.

4. Use a new piece of felt and repeat step 2 with silver or gold alcohol ink mixative. Do not add as much alcohol blender. Dab onto ornament leaving spots blank for the black to show through. Make sure you dab NOT twist. Also be sure not to touch it with bare hands or it will leave a fingerprint. Let dry. Add more if necessary.

5. Add ribbon to the topper using hot glue. Apply self adhesive gem stones on each side. Tie some ribbon through the hanger. Embellish with tiny ornaments or buttons.

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Anonymous said...

haven't seen anything for a long time that impresses me as much as this mercury/red bead ornament. i love it. COOL! it is super. Bestest,Denise

Kelly_Deal said...

Gasp! Those ornaments are gorgeous! I'm going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing Brandy! I love mercury glass too. Do you have a store called Homegoods near you? Or a TJ Maxx? Homegoods always has mercury glass. Believe it or not, but Michael's around the holidays has mercury glass. It doesn't need to be an expensive antique to be pretty right?

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