Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mr. Moo The Terrorist

I thought I would give you an update on Mr. Moo. Well, in a blink of an eye he went from tiny furball to handsome cat. His nick name is the Terrorist because that is what he does. He roams around the house looking for trouble and someone to pounce on. Sometimes we all (humans and other furrys) get so sick of being ambushed and attacked that he has to go into timeout (the bathroom). Fortunately once his evilness playfulness has been expended he loves to cuddle.
Its just amazing how my 7 year old Sniffles took to him. Hes a bit of a grouch now days but loves Mr. Moo. My husband started calling him Grandpa because of the way he takes care of Mr. Moo. So sweet.

Now let me explain this picture. I have a screen door between my studio and kitchen. You know to keep all the furrys out, little boys, and sometimes husband. Mr. Moo climes it. Sometimes all the way to the top. We gave him a teddy bear when we first brought him home. He does not cuddle the bear. He takes out his aggression on it and acts like its prey. In this picture he is trying to carry the bear up the screen door. It reminded me of how big cats carry deer up big trees to eat! I have to say even though he is a little terror he has brought us so much joy this summer! We love him to pieces.
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Jeanne said...

Oh Brandy, your little kitties are so cute!

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