Monday, January 30, 2012

Brandywine Designs Studio Tour Part 1

I have been wanting to give you a tour of my studio for a while now. I wanted to get it just perfect. I'm still not completely there yet but close! I'm very blessed to have this room in our small house. The first thing I will tell you is the paint color: SEA KISS by VALSPAR. I love it. Aqua walls are supposed to bring calm and creativity.
I'm breaking the tour into parts. Today I am focusing on my new sewing corner. It started with getting a new sewing machine. I broke the old one. The new one is a Brother. I got it on sale at Hancock Fabrics. My studio table is too tall to sew at so I was dragging the machine to the kitchen table everyday. I really wanted a permanent place for it so I took an old desk we had out of storage to use. I had to rearrange lots of things to get it to fit. I will replace the desk with a sewing table someday. You can see my dress form Milli with her vintage millinery flowers.
I store all my twine on the peg board. I wrapped twine I had bought in bundles on old shutter slats. I removed the slats from the shutter then drilled a hole on one end. 
I bought the 3 tiered bucket thing at Hobby Lobby. I made the top bucket into a pin cushion. The other two buckets hold my precious vintage, hand crocheted doilies and lace. The vintage fabric sample sheet is one of my favorite things. I love the roses.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I will be back soon with more of my studio tour.



sassypackrat said...

Love the painted pegboard!

Leigh said...

Oh, wow, this is so pretty! Now I want a painted pegboard in my space!

Jeanne said...

Your studio is darling Brandy! I love the aqua color. Thank you so much for labeling what everything is. I can't wait to see part 2 of the tour!

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