Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Faux Cabinet Card Tutorial

Todays tutorial was born from one of my collections. I collect antique cabinet cards. Cabinet cards were a style of photograph which was widely used for photographic portraiture after 1870. It consisted of a photograph mounted on a thick card. Many times the cards were very ornate and beautiful. Sometimes you can even find them with advertisements for the photography studio on the back. I have bought them from antique shops, thrift stores, ebay, and estate sales. I love to make collages and mixed media. My style is vintage and grungy. Cabinet Cards seem to be a perfect addition to my projects. However, I'm a bit of a vintage hoarder and just can't seem to use my real stuff in my work. So through playing experimenting I have made my own.

 Begin by cutting 110 lb cream or manila cardstock to 5x7 (Note: or what ever size you need) to fit in the embossing folder you are using. Then I misted it with water using a mini mister. This helps get a deep impression.
I used my Sizzix Big Shot and the Spellbinders Embossing folder Persian Splendor. There are a lot of other embossing folders that would work great for this project too. Tim Holtz has several that would be perfect.

I have the new Sizzix Magnetic Platform and I LOVE it. Its especially great for this project.  Start by placing the embossed paper on the platform and one clear plate face up or what ever sandwich your machine requires. Next I placed the largest oval from Spellbinders Gold Ovals One. When I placed it, I looked for patterns in the embossing that I could use as markers. This helps keep everything even.

 Inside it I placed the next size of Gold Ovals One. The first two ovals just emboss. This step can be eliminated. However I like the extra detail it adds.

Last I placed the largest Spellbinders Nestabilities Classic Oval. This oval will cut a window into the card.
 Send it through with the proper sandwich for your machine.

Using Distress ink in your favorite colors ink edges.
 Don't forget to ink the inside of the oval window.
Use a mini mister and some Distress reinker to spritz on some spots.
 Very sparingly use a dye spray to add a few dark spots.
Dry it all using a heating too.

Send the mat through a Xyron Sticker machine to add adhesive.

Before I peel off either plastic I like to burnish it. This  makes sure the adhesive sticks.

 I also use a sharp object to get the adhesive out of detailed spots.
A double mat is a lovely extra touch. Simply cut a coordinating color cardstock to fit the mat. Peel the backing of the mat and adhere the cardstock.
 Use the next to largest oval to die cut a window. Yay! Your faux cabinet card is ready for decorating.
Add adhesive to the back and place the image you want. I used a new tag from my ETSY shop.
 I don't have a picture but then you run the mat through the Xyron again. After that cut a piece of chipboard the same size and adhere.

 I made some wrinkle ribbon.
Punched some holes at the top. 

I then added felt flowers and greenery  using Tim Holtz Spring Greenery and Tattered Flower Garland dies.

I used a Tim Holtz Nature Adornments butterfly. I dabbed Scattered straw Distress paint on it. Next I coated it with Clear Rock Candy Paint. Last I added Milled Lavender Ink. The photos do not do it justice. Its gorgeous in person.
 I used some rub-ons to complete the collage.

 I really love the pretty punch of color it adds to my studio. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and have fun creating your own cabinet card collage.

*I was not paid or compensated in anyway for this post. All opinions are my own.


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