Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Vision

I have been thinking about making this collage for a few days. Last night I finally decided to just go for it. The obvious meaning is a wren having visions, dreams, and hopes for what is about to be for her. For me the meaning is much deeper. When I was about sixteen years old I really started to wonder who I was. I began to explore my native American roots. Now, my family really had no information for me so I began reading books. The spiritual way they lived really called to me. I began a quest to find my "spirit name". It came to me easily and knew with out a doubt my name was Little Wren. At the time I didn't even know what a wren was so I looked it up and had to laugh at the similarities. Wrens are very small, very protective, and seem to have no fear. I am only 5 foot tall. This "vision" is still with me 14 years later. When a wren crosses my path I feel it is a reminder to remain who I am. I may make this a collection. I'm not sure yet.

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