Saturday, September 15, 2007

I LOVE having a studio!

Today we enjoyed just staying at home. The fair last night was fun. Not much to take pictures of however. Our fair is.....well.....kinda....crappy. Lol No cool crafts or booths or any thing. Just live stock and small rides. So I didn't get many good pics. I did how ever get a shot of this little boy. I have no idea who he was but, he just had all American Fair all over him. He was eating a corn dog, holding a way to big cap, and was very dusty. What a cutie! I have decided one of my all time favorite smells is cotton candy. But, giving kids cotton candy at 8:00 at night is NOT a good idea. It was how ever fun to watch.

I also had time to work on my studio while the hubby and boys went hunting. was so
quite. I feel so lucky to have a studio. Tomorrow we might go fishing. It was my idea. No, really it was! lol


Kerry and Rachel said...

Tag! You're It!
Hi Brandy! I got tagged for a blogging game. I am tagging you, next. Will you play along? I hope it's not too much of a bother. Visit my blog to see the rules for the Middle Name Game.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Thanks for adding our etsy shop. I added yours to our blog, too. :)

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