Wednesday, September 12, 2007



Well I did a total make over of my ETSY store! I have been thinking about it for a while. So I have a new banner and avatar. I have a TON of stuff on sale. I decided my business online and at my booth were doing great but needed something. After alot of thinking I realized I just needed to make them more professional. So far most of my items have been one of a kind. The ppl that seem to have the best ETSY stores and online boutiques have a lot of the similar items. So I made a list of items that sell well for me. I will be making more of those items. But, each one will still be a little different. Example: altered comp books, I will make a lot of them, all looking different, THEN list them. I think a group of items just looks better too. Not to mention the time it will save me. I really do not know why I didn't think of this before. I guess I just really enjoy creating something new everyday. So I am transitioning from a fun way to make a little extra spending money to wanting to really make a business. So be on the look out for great new stuff!



Altered Kat said...

looks great!...lots of eye candy! :o)

Kerry and Rachel said...

you updated etsy store looks great. We'd be happy to trade etsy links, too. Ours is Let me know and I will add yours to our blog.

Catherine said...

So many pretty little things, thoughtful and heartfelt. Very best wishes to you in your new ventures, enterprising too!


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