Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Me Day

This weekend my hubby took the boys hunting and left me all by myself. So Saturday I did all my favorite things. I spent hours at the library (I'm such a dorky book worm), went junking, and then spent the day at the local state park. I was really looking forward to a day at the park. This weekend was gorgeous! It was about 74 degrees and sunny. But, the park was cram packed full of city slickers. I learned the down side of having such a cute dog. People especially high pitched squealy girls kept managing to find me and scream "can I pet your doggie?" My
dog scrappy doo does not like girls. I think it has something to do with the high pitch squeal. So I would have to gently tell them no then retreat further into the wilderness hoping for a small amount of quite and privacy. I saw no wildlife at all. Possibly also do to all the people and high pitch squealy girls. I'm just kidding. I would trade one, or two, maybe even all three of our boys for a girl. ;) Of course Scrappy-doo would not be happy about that!


Wren Cottage said...

that's funny Brandy! when hubby & I go what we call "adventuring" we try to avoid the beaten path because you're right humans are just too noisy lol :) ~ our favorite is when they come up and ask us have you seen anything? those are usually the ones that don't see anything 'cause they're too busy yacking!hehehe :) ~ although I would probably be checking out scrappy do ;), he is awfully cute!! looks like you managed to at least find a really cool nest! love the pics :)

Stacy/Creativemuse said...

What happened to going into nature? You had been needing it! Sounds like you still had fun regardless of the park!
Thanks for the Nature photos! We get to view the Bird's Nest free from Squeals...hehehe
Are you doing Teresa's winter bella?

Loudlife said...

That bird's nest photo is so great! Lucky you to get some time to yourself!

Happy New Year-

Flea Market Queen said...

I love the photos...
I love to have "me" time!

Altered Kat said...

I agree with Laurie - love the birds nest photo...stop by my blog Brandy (hint hint) ;o)


sepia art studio said...

hello brandy, one of the things which i do not like when i go in the forest, by the sea shore in our city, is the fact that i do not like, that people distract me!

I peeked at you etsy shop, and saw those nest collage kits. Which look great! Many months ago i thought also to pick some nature supplies and put them on a supplie box or have so many similar interest than i do, i checked the list of yours. Saving enviroment has been on my heart from the age 13 or 14.

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