Friday, January 25, 2008

R.I.P. Baby Chick

Hey a baby chic is missing! Where did it go?!

Ohhhhhh CRAP!!
* no real baby chicks or bad little dogs were hurt during this incident. It was also NOT a reenactment but really happened.


Altered Kat said...

Now that is just TOOOOOO funny!
what an adorable shot!

Thanks for the smile!

Lori said...

oh ho ho!!! that is too funny Brandy...looks like something that would happen over here, only my thieves mouths are heavily whiskered!!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Awwww... poor chickie!! That is a GREAT shot!!! I have a dog that has a taste for collaged items. You never know what they are going to nab!

Secondhandrose said...

How did you catch him doing that? I never can get my camera that fast! Come for a visit.

Loudlife said...

That is one hilarious picture! Too, too funny.

You need that bed. You deserve that bed. Let's find a fairy godmother for you(and me, too, while we're at it!) and get her to zap one up for you!


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