Saturday, January 16, 2010

A New Year A New Me

I know its so cliche but its true. I have never made a News Year resolution but this year I'm making a New Life resolution. In a way I can narrow it down to a word. Last year I chose the word GRACE. I'm happy to say I feel like I lived up to it. This years word is Purify. I want to purify my life, soul, mind, body, and home of negative clutter. First on my list was my home. I can happily say one pickup load donated and a dumpster full of trash later and I'm well on my way to purifying our home.
I also started Weight Watchers and started working out everyday. This is HUGE for me. I have been overweight my whole life. A month ago I was at my heaviest. Diabetes and heart problems run in my family. At age 32 its no longer a choice. I have to get healthy.After just a few weeks I feel wonderful, have lost weight, and feel a true change in how I think.
I'm also getting rid of negative emotions and thoughts that have plagued me for so long. I have a really lovely, blessed life. Its time to let the past go and enjoy what I have.
The only downside to all this change is my muse, mojo, and creativity seems to have left. It still shows up in spurts but not much. I'm taking it as a sign to put my energy into changing myself. So that's why my shop is not brimming with stuff and why I haven't been around blogland much. Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a good year. I have a feeling its going to be the best ever!


Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Brandy your post and your new year's word has inspired me! I have been struggling with what it is that is bringing me down but I think you just hit on what it is. I wish you the best in your "purifying" year!!! I know you can do it.

Denise said...

You are such a sweetie, and you always inspire me to be more creative and now, you've inspired me, yet again, to unclutter my life. I hope you have a wonderful year.

north pal said...

good girl! i give you lotsa credit. what you are taking on is a major undertaking and you are foing swell. i love your idea and think it is way better than making a new years resolution and i think i'd like to follow with it as well. the idea of choosing a word and working it into my life for improvement. thank you and keep up the gooooooood work. Bestest,Denise

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

You do know that once you purify, your creativity WILL return in SPADES!

Kelly Deal said...

I'm with ya Brandy! Good luck with everything you do this year!

Anonymous said...

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Jeanne said...

Your word for 2010, PURIFY (and the reasons for choosing it) could make it MY word too. I need to address many of the same things you mentioned in your post.
Best of luck,

Jen**SugaredSongbird** said...

I'm sure your muse and mojo will be back soon enough, you are doing what is important to you right now. Good luck with all your endeavors!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! I have started the same thing, it feels so good to purge things.... I too have been doing Weight Watchers for a year and have lost 52 lbs. You can do it!!!!!! Keep up the great work and your creative juices will returen when your house is in order.

Carol from sunny Georgia

Elyse said...

have you seen tiffany's "my own infomercial" post over at shabby scraps? you will find it wonderfully motivating and inspiring, i'm sure!

rock on!!!


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