Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I just want to give a big hug and thank you to everyone who commented on my Life resolution. Almost a month in and I'm still going strong! I thought I would answer a few questions y'all had here. I do the online Weight Watchers. I don't go to any meetings. My mom has done fabulous on it so she is a great support. I think the biggest change I made that works so well for me is I eat 5 small meals a day. I got a treadmill and I look forward to working out everyday. That's just crazy for me! I have so much energy now!
I'm happy to say my muse has come back and my creativity is better than ever! I cant wait to show you some pretties I'm working on.
I also have been wanting to make books for awhile. That's why I bought the Zutter Bind it All. You can read about it here. After a lot of practice and screwed up books I am finally happy to announce to can find my books in my shop. I'm calling them "Gathered Fragments Journals". Because they are very time consuming to create I will only make a few at a time. See you soon!


leesiebella said...

Yeah Brandy! Go Girl! I'm doing the same, trying to do something every day... even if it's just for 30 minutes... it really helps!

I was thinking of doing WW online too... what do you think? Is it worth it? Would love to know how it's working for you!

Also... LOVE your books! ;0)

Valarie said...

Congratulations. I just signed up for WW online last Thursday. I have more energy than I ever thought possible, and boy do I eat. It's amazing how much we can put in our body when its good for us!! Keep us updated on your progress.
xxoo Valarie

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Yeah!!! So proud of you Brandy!! Keep up the great work with WW! Love your little books, too cute! I have a Zutter. I really need to get it out and play!

north pal said...

good girl! i am happy to hear that things are going more your way. that is such an uplift and we feel that we can conquer the world. so, conquer away,whether is losing some extra pounds, or working on one of your little books. you are doing it for your self. and we love it when we feel good:)! Bestest,Denise

Alisa said...

Good for you, Brandy! That's awesome!
I haven't gone to the gym in two weeks and am already starting to feel blah again... yuck!
Love the journal!!!

cindy said...

Loving the gathered fragment journals! And yeah for you on WW. I need to wrap my head around it and do the same. You go my inspiration! :D

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