Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Honeycomb Tutorial

Nothing makes me think of a Vintage Valentine than honeycomb paper. Honeycomb hearts are just the sweetest. Here is a tutorial on how to make one. They can be any size or color. You can use the same technique and make any shape of honeycomb. Just think of all the possibilities!
Tissue paper
Glue stick
Scissors, punch, or paper shape cutter

I used my Cuttlebug and my Spellbinder Nestabilities Hearts to cut the hearts out. You could hand cut them also. You need one cardstock heart and 9 tissue paper hearts. Crease the cardstock heart by folding it in half.

Glue the first tissue heart onto the cardstock heart.
I have marked the heart using A and B. You will NOT do this. I did it for demonstration purpose

Put a dot of glue where each A would be. Press a tissue heart to each one.
On top of that heart put a dot of glue where each B would be. Press another tissue heart to that.
Repeat this process alternating between A and B. Use 8 tissue hearts.

Cut the ninth heart in half. Glue fully onto right side. Add glue to left side and fold heart pressing together.
Unfold and you should have a honeycomb heart!


Little Pink Studio said...

Brandy, the collage you made with your heart is stunning!!
What a clever tutorial!
Would you consider sharing in on the JP blog?
xoxo, Cerri

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh Brandy thank you so much for sharing how to make honeycombs. I love them and I was already so said that I can't participate in Donna Layton's honeycomb ball garland workshop. I'll have to find some beautiful tissue paper now so that I can try it.
xoxo Carola

Eileen @ Star's Fault said...

Brandy, the things you make are always so lovely, you make me want to rush into the art nest and begin a project! I love the tutorial on the accordian heart, and will have to try that myself very soon.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

Heidi said...

Your collage is sooo beaUtiful! As I sit and ask myself why I don't drop in more often? You are on my blogroll right there in front of me! The honeycomb heart is amazing, somehow I don't think I could pull it off even with your great tutorial! (and your canvas collage sneak peeks look so cute! - I want ta see!)

Alisa said...


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