Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Boy Scout

My Keegan is a Boyscout. He started Cub scouts as a Bear Cub in 3rd grade. He is now going into 6 grade and plans to go all the way to an Eagle Scout. We are really proud of all the hard work he has done. Boy scouts isn't just about fun. They do a lot of great volunteer work and learn so much about the environment. I have seen him grow and mature by being in boy scouts. I really think its helped him become a more giving, better person. I love the experiences it gives him. He was even on the front page of the news paper this summer! He volunteered to put up flags in 108 degree heat!
I normally do not do fund raisers. But, I believe in Boy scouts and popcorn sales fund almost ALL of Keegans activity.  70% of every purchase of popcorn is returned to the Scout, his troop or pack and his council. This is how he pays for supplies, camping, and trips.
This is why Keegan says he loves boy scouts "I love to go camping. I love to work hard and earn rewards.I get to spend special time with my friends. I like learning how to help the Earth and people."
This is how he said selling popcorn helps him "It allows me to go camping and do service for others."
So if you would like to purchase popcorn from Keegan it is all done online and shipped directly to you. If you would like an e-mail invitation to the catalogue to buy popcorn please e-mail me at
If you would like it would also be great if you passed on the info.
Keegan and I thank you!

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