Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crafty Coffin Mini Halloween Kit






This week and next week are crazy for me. School starts the 22nd. My husbands b-day is this weekend. My Keegans' birthday party is the next weekend. Plus there is shopping, dentist appt, doc appt, band equipment,  hair cuts etc. Phew I'm already tired! However I did manage to put together a mini Halloween kits. I loved how everything looked in little piles on my kitchen table. So I took a few pictures. I kind of made a story to go along with my little collage.
A sweet little witch entered her jar of Pickled Eyeballs in the Spooky County Fair. And she won first place and got a ribbon! Hehe I think the heat is getting to me! If your interested in purchasing one of the kits they are in my shop!

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