Thursday, May 3, 2012

6x6 Paper Scraps & Ink Storage

 I thought I would share with you how I store some of my supplies today. Since I have taken up card making I have been collecting 6x6 paper pads. They fit perfectly in this basket I bought at Hobby Lobby. Its very sturdy and has a great handle. It has held up really well for all the traveling back and forth from shelf to table. Those paper pads may be small but all added up can weigh quite a bit.
 Now I really like to save every tiny scrap of paper. But, I also want to know what paper pad it came from. I take a glassine resealable bag and attache it to the back of the paper pad using my ATG gun making sure the top or flap is on the front. Now I have a pocket to store all my scraps in! So far this has worked really great for me.
 I thought I would also show you my current ink storage. I'm not in love with it because its not portable but its doing the job of seeing all my ink easily. I bought a Expandable Shelf Organizer from Lowe's. I just put it in my shelf and added ink. It also works great for storing wood stamps.

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June K said...

Brandy, thanks for sharing your storage methods. If I have scrap I also like to know which pad it came from. Your method is a good one.

Deborah said...

I also store my 6x6 pads this way (2 baskets and counting) I've always stuck scraps back into the books but I like your method much better - am going to to this to all my pads today!

Holly Saveur said...

Hi Brandy
I subscribed by email now thank you for this service!

Creative Wings Boutique said...

Hi Brandy... you are one organized lady.... wanna come help me organize need more helpful hints...keep them coming....

Jeanne said...

I use a lot of 6x6 paper too and I love your idea of attaching the bag on the back of the pad for the scraps. Thanks for sharing Brandy!

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