Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bat Man Hair Gel

I have sold 60 items in 3 1/2 months on ETSY. I feel like this is a real achievement. My booth has also sold some items. I have made my goal of getting my "rent" back for the first month on my booth. And I still have 2 weeks to go. I haven't been crafting or web surfing much the last week. School is starting in a little over one week. So I really wanted to fit in some fun stuff and I have tons to do to get ready. You know the drill, shopping, check ups, trying on old clothes, cleaning. To top that off, my hubbies b-day just passed and now my sons is coming up. So I also have to shop and plan a birthday party. Normally this is fun for me. Its stressful but the parts of being a stay at home mom that I love. But, after a long day of baking, cleaning, doc. appt. and birthday dinner with the in-laws I just sorta lost it. It started when I was getting ready for dinner. I was squeezing the last of my eye liner out, using bat man hair gel, and not finding any thing to wear that everyone hadn't seen a million times. I just took a step back and thought" how long have I been using bat man hair gel and using the last tiny bit of remnants of make up?" I wasn't even sure. Sigh.....My hubby ALWAYS has all his stuff. I NEVER let him run out. The kids do too. Why don't I take care of myself? I always put myself last. So after hubby made a mess in the kitchen I had just scrubbed I just yelled "I'm going out!!!" I grabbed the dog and took off. I went to a park and just walked and thought. I realized some things
1. I'm a perfectionist and nobody can do a job as well as me
2. I DO NOT know how to relax
3. I yell way to much
4. If I do not learn to relax, enjoy myself, and let others help out....I'm going to have a heart attack.
So......when hubby comes home I am going to apologize and tell him I am going to learn to chill. And he can help around the house without me hovering all he wants. (I'm sure he will love that one. lol)

So this blog is much more personal than my others. Why share? I know there are alot of moms out there using Bat Man gel right now. lol My message to you is Take a look at your life. Choose to be happy and have fun. Even if it means letting the Hubby feed the kids junk food, letting the laundry pile up, and the floor go unmoped. Your worth it. Im sure your husband and kids think so too.


Lori said...

hey, i have a few of those on my list too...but i'm not telling which ones:) congrats on all those etsy sales, good for you!!!

Loudlife said...

Hi Brandy,

I saw your link on Kat's blog for the "Rockin' Girl Blogger" award and came to visit. Of course I see the post that most describes me right now! I haven't bought my good moisturizer in 2 years, new make-up (except for mascara, which was an emergency because I couldn't scrape any more dry, crusty, gunk out of the tube last month!) in 3 years, and I desperately need new shoes for daily use. As I looked at the beginning of crows feet on my eyes the other day I was feeling very sorry for myself. However, after reading your blog I realize that no one has actually forced these sacrifices on me, I have just nobly (rolls eyes...oh, please!) ignored my own needs. I think I may be lucky that no one has slapped me up-side the head and told me to "snap out of it!"

So anyway......thanks for such an illuminating post! It's nice to meet you!


Manastash said...

If I brush my teeth with Hello Kitty strawberry-flavored toothpaste (even though I like Colgate Blue Ice Mint) and eat leftover PB&J off the plate because I'm too starved to try and create actual food, is that the same thing?

I think I need to put down the HK toothpaste and go out, too.

Thank you for this righteous post!

Altered Kat said...

I'd say 60 items in that time frame is a def.accomplishment! BRAVO girl! I'll be taking a peek over at Etsy! :o)

Jen Ballantyne said...

Hey babe, I am soooo similar but I recently found a great website to help with perfectionism and keeping up with everything in a fun way. Check it out, it's called and is absolutely free. It really helped me learn to take care of myself as well as others, and our home, without all the stress. Enjoy Jen.

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