Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ditzy and Deep

Can you really be both? Well, I guess I am. My "break" from ETSY lasted two days. I should of known. I just cant stay away. It fuels my passion which keeps me breathing. I woke this morning and ideas just poured out of me. Thank goodness. I was starting to wonder where my muse had gone off to. I know what I am going to concoct for Christmas. I want to use a buttery cream color, black, and silver glitter. With lots of vintage post cards and birds. I cant wait! Is it too early to start on Christmas yet? Also the whole "cabinet of curiosities and natural museum" idea will NOT leave my head. I don't think any thing has ever tugged at my soul as much.
Ohh yay the ditsy part. Ok, I have been searching high and low for the little numbers you find on antique prints. They are very distinct and I REALLY wanted them for my work. I looked for stamps, stickers, rub ons, stencils, you name it. Then (after days of searching) I realized its from an antique type writer. And I HAVE one that works. I have never used it. Well ,duh! So, I feel like a very deep artsy type person but, sometimes I am pretty dang goofy. My husband would agree.

Have a great day!


sepiaartstudio said...

I am so glad that you visited at my blog!
Your work is wonderful...
We are like a soul siblings with using nature in our art and producs. Can not wait to see more things from you.


p.s. If you ever want to do an swap with me, including nature inspired things, i am here!!

Amy said...

I am a big admirer of your new tags... AND I cannot wait to see your christmas items too :)

Lori said...

i was wondering how long you could keep off of etsy, esp after you were heading in a new direction with your new nature inspired ideas!

Altered Kat said...

Lookin at your above pic you HAVE to come and organize me...I've locked myself into my work room and am forcing myself to clean, purge, organize...unfortunately, I know where the door is and always seem to escape! ;o)


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