Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today is my 3 year Anniversary

Wow three years. Its seems like longer. I have been reminiscing this morning so I will take you with me. I DID NOT want a wedding. I wanted to get married on a beach somewhere. But, my dear husband wanted a wedding with tuxes and white dress and all that. So I gave in. And I am really glad I did. We invited only 6o or so people. We found the perfect place. His grandmothers back yard. She has a small forest of persimmon trees. There was a trail in the Forest that lead to a small meadow with a huge pear tree in the center. We had an arch full of lights in the entry to the forest. The guest, and later wedding party were escorted though the trail which was full of hanging candles and lights. Then you step out into the meadow to see a setting sun. The air was perfect. Just a little crisp. There were butterflies flying all around us. They were attracted to the pears from the pear tree. I could not have been more magical or fun. Oh, gosh now I am getting teary. Time to stop. lol
Have a great day!!!


Kerry and Rachel said...

How wonderful. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Altered Kat said...

Happy belated anniversary! Love your picture settings!

Lori said...

how sweet that sounds! Happy Anniversary to you and hubby and many many more :)

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary and Many, Many MORE!
Amy :)

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