Monday, October 15, 2007

New Collection

The collection I have titled Cabinet of Curiosity's and Natural Museum series is coming along nicely. I REALLY love the way my newest tag set came out. You can see it in my ETSY shop. I will be adding much more to this collection. I have acquired a FABULOUS collection of vintage and antique prints. I actually cried I was so excited when saw all the pretty birds and eggs and NEST! I still do not know why but I am truly obsessed with eggs and nest. Speaking of nest. I think I am going to take a little etsy break. I really need to do some nesting in my home and yard. I also have a REALLY big project I am working on. Me. I am changing a lot about myself and I want to go on a sorda spiritual journey. I really want to learn to live life with full passion and pleasure. If you have read "eat, pray, love" You will know what I am talking about. And if you havent read it you really should.


Lori said...

i will have to check out that book! sounds very interesting!
great tags! i love birds, eggs and nests too...

Christen said...

Hi Brandy,

My name is Christen Olivarez and I'm an associate editor for Somerset Life magazines. I'd like to get in contact with you regarding your vintage kits. When you can, please e-mail me at


Stacy/Creativemuse said...

WOW I adore your tags and Love your new collection how super lovely! I adore old prints to and am with you on the overwhelming once recvd. are you using the acutal prints or copies...I teeter on that myself.

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