Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seeing Spots

I thought I would share a little insight into my personal life. I have never used my blog to gripe. But now this has an artsy story to it so here goes. I was soooo mad yesterday. My hubby and I are stuck dealing with a person that is the Biggest, most selfish, never puts their kids first, trouble making psycho path I have ever met. So as I was fuming yesterday I felt the strong urge to create. This was new to me. I usually can only create when I'm calm and focused. And I felt that I HAD to create with polka dots. I ended up making this pretty shadowbox collage in a frenzy of paper, paint, ink, and buttons. It all just came to me. Even the word JOY. I think it was Gods reminder that every situation is a blessing. Just look what came out of my anger. I guess instead of seeing "red" I saw spots. ha ha
So here's today's message: if you have a blended family and are having to deal with a psycho path just remember "this too shall pass"! And in the end you will be a lot stronger for it.


Altered Kat said...

What a great end result! You took a negative and turned it into a positive! You ROCK!!!...pat yourself on the back! the watermelon looks delicious !

Alisa said...

Oh my goodness, when you said "blended family" I knew EXACTLY what you were talking about and feeling! (we have two psychos like that to deal with) It's so wonderful you were able to create through it to "spots and joy"!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Hey girlfriend!

You have been tagged by me.


Lori said...

i know your pain girl...we have family "issues" with all three of my SIL...great stuff you made...i got some of those shadowboxes too, unfortunately the plexiglass on all of the ones i bought is scratched, so i can't use them:(

Little Pink Studio said...

Gorgeous work Brandy!
~Cerri xo
PS, just added you to my blog...hope you don't mind. :0)

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage said...

Brandy ~
I love your pretty that you created out of your stressful situation ! Don't you just love it when God works that way ~
Lori said...

How do I know EXACTLT what you mean? (Been there!) What a great, positive outcome. You are the greatest for sharing.

Kerry and Rachel said...

Great way to focus that "energy"!

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