Thursday, October 9, 2008

Find Your Passions

After selling on ETSY for a year and a half and over 1000 sales there is something I am absolutely sure of. Create what you love and are passionate about and you will be successful. These banners are an example. One afternoon a while back I found I actually had some me time! So I created a wish banner using chipboard letters and my very favorite vintage supplies. I hung it in my studio. Later I decided to make one to sell in my shop. Now they are my biggest hit! I really LOVE creating them. It is a little hard using all my favorites stash however. But, when I run out it just means I get to go out and hunt for more. And I LOVE treasure hunting! So go out and find your passion! And don't ever let it go!

In other news today is my 4 year anniversary! I love you honey! Thank you for always acting interested in my arts and crafts. Your the bestest guy ever! (please don't kill me for posting this pic. he he)

I will announce my blog giveaway tomorrow morning.


Sherry said...

Happy Anniversary Brandy!! May you have many more years of happiness and interesting adventures!

Kris said...

Happy Anniversary! I've been very nogstalic this week since my little girl turns 1 on Friday. Time is flying by!
I love your banners.
Enjoy your day,

Alisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Love your banners!

Anonymous said...

brandy, you are incredibly talented...i still want to get together with you for coffee. i'm off to san diego this week but will catch you later. your blog is amazing and beautiful and inspiring!!! amy

Pearl Maple said...

Happy Anniversary.
Your banners are gorgeous.

Am following the links for everyone from Joli Packet to see what they are up to while we wait for the fun to begin.

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