Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Texas Longhorn Herd

We recently went on a cub scout camping trip and got to visit with these guys. They are part of the Official Texas Longhorn Herd. You could feed them by hand and even kiss one of them. I passed on that! Longhorns are such amazing, gentle animals. The only downside was the wind was really blowing hard in our direction and apparently longhorns slobber. Gross! At least can say we got slobbered on by longhorns! The trip was really fun! If you ever go to Copper Breaks State Park make sure you go see them. Its worth it.


Anji Gallanos said...

Wow i totally read the name of the park wrong and read the Copper Steaks Park...weird how your brain puts things together...sweet sweet longhorns.

Lori said...

they look cute:) you should have kissed one Brandy...tee hee:)

Alisa said...

Fun... well, except the slobber part!

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