Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Than Pretty

I'm still in destash, organize, and cleaning mode around here. I have added some vintage flea market finds to my shop. Some of the items I really love but honestly have no use for. I'm trying to adopt a simpler life style. Things have to have more purpose than just to be pretty! Its going to be a hard habit to break. Especially when I go antiquing and junking! I have also added a few more Valentine items too.

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north pal said...

Brandy, i know what you mean and it is a difficult job. many are haveing these feelings of sorting and wanting a more uncluttered life,but we still love our treasures. obviously, we do not need more than we can enjoy and are satisfied with. but golly, it's hard. i started out doing well,but stopped before the holidays. gotta get geared up again. Bestest,Denise

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