Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Small Treasures Bring Joy

Well I finally downloaded all the pictures from Christmas off my camera. Here are just some of the delightful goodies I received from Christine in our Vintage Stocking Swap. I really LOVED everything. It was all so me! I loved the little bobbles she sent me so much I'm keeping them on my little tree all winter! You should go to her blog to see much better pictures of all the treasures she sent me.
Also here is a picture of the sweet doll and ornament Cerri sent me. It was such a thoughtful thing she did. Isn't the doll enchanting?

I have certainly been blessed this holiday season! Thank you again you talented ladies!


Christine Edwards said...

Brandy, I'm so glad you liked everything. It was a lot of fun putting stuff together, and I figured you could always use little bits for use in your amazing creations. That angel ornament is gorgeous. Hope you have a fabulous 2011!

Kelly_Deal said...

It looks like you received some beautiful things! I love that angel ornament!

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