Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Magic....That seems to have happened to me today. Which I think is very appropriate since my slogan is "Make Everyday Magic". Well everyday has not been magic lately. I am working on a HUGE wholesale order, in the process of redoing my shop, getting over the stomach bug thing, and all the other everyday stuff that gets in the way of making everyday count. This afternoon I sooo wanted to go outside. The wind was whipping around, a large thunderhead was growing in the distance, and I could smell rain. I sooo love thunderstorms and the smell of rain. Its one of my very favorite "magic" things. But, this chic had WAY to much work to do. So I just thought "I will multi task!" I took all kinds of treasures from my studio and went outside to take a few pictures for my blog.

What started out as just a few fun pictures turned into so much more. Now I LOVE making art, and putting together kits to sell. I feel blessed to do what I love everyday. But this feeling was different. As I began taking pictures a wonderful feeling came over me. I just really don't know how to describe it to you. Maybe it was the atmosphere or the perfect light. But , I felt as if I was really telling a story with these pictures. I felt connected to these century old items. I could almost feel the many people who had owned them before. Old ,worn, tattered, and loved. Things that connect us to the past. I think you will be seeing more pictures of those lovely things from the past taken by me.


Lori said...

your pictures are gorgeous brandy!!! and the one you chose to be your new banner is truly lovely:)

Wren Cottage said...

I've had those moments before... the connection to the past... nature filling your senses... You were inspired and your photos and your post expressed it beautifully... surrendering to the magic of the moment is wonderful!
xo hugs to you :)

Cindy (JunqueArt) said...

Your photos are beautiful!!! I so get how you felt taking them!

Rose said...

Very nice blog and beautiful pictures.xxoo,Rose.

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