Thursday, July 17, 2008

Friends Help You Blossom

I picked this gorgeous lily blossom from my pond today. Have you ever smelled the delicate fragrance of a lily. Oh it is heaven! I just know if there really is water fairies that is how they would smell. Daydreaming of fairies made me think of my sweet friend Madai. She just has a fairyland feeling to her. Recently she sent me a package. Everything she sends is so pretty, magical, and smells so good! Madai and other Friends have really helped me blossom into the artist and person I am today. I would just like to say thank you to all of you!

These are some of the wonderful things Madai sent. See what I mean about her having a fairyland feeling?


Lori said...

i am still waiting for my water lily to bloom, i am wondering if it even will...should have seen a bloom by now...your gifts from Madai are lovely:)

Wren Cottage said...

ohhh... love the water lily in that gorgeous bowl! you are taking the best pictures!!! I've never smelled one, it is gorgeous, thank you for describing it! I am so glad that you liked the little gifties mon ami, it was so my pleasure... and you did find the perfect spot!! it looks adorable there! Mike liked that you posted Tina's picture of her "ringing the dinner bell" thank you for that :)
You are very special to us lil' wren :)
Thank you for this lovely post...I'm so glad we met, YOU have inspired me in so many ways too!! xo ~ Madai

Rose said...

I just posted a short comment about a pond and lotus flower. I hope you come to visit! Rose.

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