Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Cubbies

I have been wanting to add some cubbies to one wall of my studio for a while now. All of the ones I found were just to expensive for my frugal ways. So after some brain storming and sweet talking this is what I did.First, I found some white shelves at Target for only $20.oo dollars! You can find them here. Then (after sweet talking) my very talented hubby cut wood squares and added them vertically on each self. He also used nails to assemble the shelves instead of the hardware that came with them. They are surprisingly sturdy for cheap shelves. The cost $40.oo. Oh and all that sweet talking;) You could stack them up or flip them around to fit your room. I'm going to add pretty papers to the backs and side of mine when I have time. I just thought I would share my idea for cheap cubbies!

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Elyse said...

yes! i totally added pretty papers to the back of my very basic white bookcase. very fun. i used painter's tape to adhere the paper since i can be a fickle pickle.

swooning over the aqua wall color!!!


Jeanne said...

Your new cubbies are great Brandy and so clever. They look just like the "expensive" ones. I love the idea of putting pretty papers on the backs.

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