Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I use almost every tool and product known to man (maybe that should be to woman) for scrapbooking. I get asked if I scrapbook all the time. I mean seriously all the time. When I say "no" I get weird looks and Huh? For some reason I just don't like scrapbooking in its original since. I don't know why. Maybe its that big 12 x 12 blank space staring back at me. It seems to me there are "rules" for scrapbooking. I don't like rules when I create. Or it could even be the whole proportion and make things straight thing. I'm not very good at making things straight. (for proof see above-crooked page) But..... I dream, hope, and so desire to be a designer for scrapbook companies. I want to be on a design team, teach workshops, be part of CHA (Craft Hobby Assosiacion), and get free samples dang it! So practice makes perfect. I am practicing every day. I'm practicing teaching, scrapbooking, and different techniques. Why just this morning I taught my Keegan how to blend ink. And just yesterday I taught Scrappy- doo (our dog) how to use the cuttlebug. He just watched but, I'm sure he could apply what I taught him. So look out scrapbooking world. Here I come and I dream BIG.
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