Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today He Turned 11

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Eleven Things I Love About You
1. Your absolute love and interest in animals of all kinds
2. You always seem to reach out to people who need a friend the most
3. Your goofy yet witty sense of humor
4. Your happy, positive outlook on life
5.Your a big dreamer and a even bigger doer
6. The way you quietly check everything out and try to figure out how stuff works
7. Your endless, fascinating questions (I bet that one surprises you!)
8. The freckles across your nose
9. That your a total monkey (ya I said it!)
10. The way you love your little nephew to pieces, and are so patient with him
11. Because you are you!
Happy birthday young man!


Jeanne said...

What a wonderful tribute to your son Brandy! And the photos are terrific too. Happy Happy Birthday to your pride and joy!

north pal said...

your son appears to be a warm tender fellow. sons have something very special and also very loving. and besides that, he is handsome. i am sure he deights you with his humor. thank you for sharing with us. and Brandy-HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Bestest,Denise

north pal said...

shame on me!!!! i referred to your son as Brandy. please apologize for me. ugh! Bestest,Denise

Kelly_Deal said...

Happy belated birthday to your little man! Those photos are just too cute!

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